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When A & D reached out to me for their elopement I knew immediately I had to be the one to take their photos and be their friend. They got married in the middle of the Boise National Forest on a mountain top. Of course this is Idaho in the fall we’re talking about, and let’s just say this wedding day had a sequel. While talking all things wedding leading up to the big day we found that they didn’t have an officiant yet. My husband is actually a licensed officiant and I volunteered him for the job. Nate, my husband, writes these beautiful personal speeches that are filled with little details we learn after having a wedding consultation. This is where we learned how they met, all of their late night texting sessions, their first date and all of their little inside jokes and nick names (Big head & Chocolate Chip). We drove up to the location and did the little trek to actual ceremony spot when it started rain…. We were able to get all the way through the speech, their vows, the “I dos” and the first kiss before it started to down pour. Then we got back in our cars, signed the soggy marriage license and rescheduled to take their portraits and family photos for a couple weeks later when the skies were clear and the ground dry. Man oh man, was it worth the wait. We got the prettiest cotton candy sunset and got to really explore the mountain top together, as we played and danced the night away. 






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