M&P decided to elope in the middle of the desert. Idaho has these beautiful red canyons in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, if you were driving through this desert all you would see is the open field filled with tumbleweeds and sage. Then out of nowhere these big red rock formations start appearing leading you up to this beautiful canyon. They exchanged the most heartfelt vows overlooking the canyon at sunset. We spent most of the evening playing with their get away car though, a vintage Ford Mustang. This vintage mustang is special. Why? Well, because it’s the same make and model used in the infamous Mary Kate and Ashley Movie, “It Takes Two”. You know the one that’s quote about love is all over my website and instagram bio.

“That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence world series kind of stuff”

Now you can see why we spent so much time with the car. Besides who wouldn’t want to explore these beautiful red rock formations in style??

September 7, 2021

Red Rocks Elopement With Vintage Car

Let's do this thing

I literally have no words. Natalie is so amazing and talented, and not to mention how kind she is. She has outdone herself! My pregnancy has actually been pretty hard, so it actually brings me to tears to have such beautiful photos to remember it with. I am so so grateful for these beautiful keepsakes.

- Emma

Natalie and her husband are amazing! My hubby does not enjoy taking photos. Natalie was able to make us feel at ease and have fun with our session. She went above and beyond! I was expecting the typical sit here, pose this way, smile, click. NOPE! She asked us intimate questions about our lives. She played music that we love. She created an atmosphere and a mood that made our anniversary photos an experience. We are so thankful for the memories she helped us to create. Also her unique artistry in how she photographed us. I’m in love with the results. Thank you Natalie and Nate 💖

- Alisa

- Madie