Just a girl with a camera who can't stop romanticizing life! I'm the human behind the lens, but I'm nothing without my team. I'm married to my best friend, Nate. He is the best assistant, holder of things, and officiant a girl could ask for. Together we are Good Earth Photo. 

Nate and I got married in the summer of 2019, surrounded by friends, family and of course the mountains. We got engaged on the Oregon coast and to celebrate we got matching tattoos of sea lions… Now not only did I get Nate addicted to tattoos but I also converted him into being a cat person as well! Before we got married I had two cats, and Nate had one dog. When we got married we both made sure to adopt each others' pets. Nate knew the cats would always love me more, but he never expected his dog to switch her loyalties to me as well!

let's do it

As you can tell,

I am a total animal lover. Owning a small little petting zoo would be a dream come true. I need all the trash pandas, alpacas and emo cows in my life! I am forever always trying to convince Nate that three pets just isn’t enough.

I spend most of my free time immersed in rom coms. I could watch early Sandra Bullock movies, Troop Beverly Hills and It Takes Two everyday for the rest of my life. My favorite thing in life is road trips, especially when they're off-the-beaten path. It doesn't matter if it's a cross-country road trip or just a couple hours away—I love getting out of my car and seeing someplace new.

Right now my husband and I are living in Boise, Idaho. When you think of Idaho you probably think potatoes, but this state is so much more than that. Idaho is part of the PNW! Although we're not sure if Idaho will be our forever home, we do know that we can't give up these mountain views, lava rocks, lush forests, flowy rivers, crystal blue lakes, sand dunes, and old abandoned mining towns just yet!

Work with me!

I've been to 39 states and seven countries so far! And I still have a lot left on my bucket list (like visiting every national park).

I always need a GPS because I get lost easily—even in places where I've lived for years!

I have 14 tattoos and counting! I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and my favorite tattoo is the one I got with my big brother! I have Bart and he has Lisa. (Bonus fun fact: my brother officiated our wedding!)

I have an obsession with roadside attractions and once drove to North Dakota to see a turtle made out of hubcaps.

My favorite type of weather is gloomy weather because gloomy weather reminds me that life can be unpredictable at any moment - plus I love being cozy!

My editing go-to shows are The Simpsons and the Gilmore girls - and yes I've seen every episode more than once. 

I'm blind without my glasses, but sometimes it's nice to take off your glasses and let yourself get lost in all the beauty around you without seeing everything in focus! I think this perspective helps me stay creative and inspired!

I'm a firm believer to never stop learning, which is why I'll never consider myself an expert. There is always something new to learn!

let's hang!


- Kevin

Thank you so much, I'm crying so many happy tears. I can't thank you enough!

Holy fuck! Excuse my French but I am literally SPEECHLESS. These pictures are absolutely UNreal. You are so talented! We are definitely not the most comfortable people in front of the camera but you captured some seriously amazing images! I am so impressed!

- Jill