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Planning to elope? Elopement affirmations are a great way to help ease your anxiety about your decision.

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be easy to get stressed out when you see everything that comes with a big traditional wedding. Especially because there are so many opinions on how you should get married. But the truth is, we all have different dreams—and there’s no right way or wrong way to make those dreams come true.

If eloping is your dream, then eloping is your dream! You are choosing to put your love at the center of your day, and that’s not selfish at all. It’s beautiful!

Here are some elopement affirmations to help you remember that:

PNW Idaho elopement

Our life is a beautiful adventure

Your life is a beautiful adventure! Life always has it’s ups and downs but as long as you’re together there is nothing that you can’t do! Eloping is an adventure that you get to embark on together. You get to start this new chapter together doing something that is putting your love at the center of your day.

This elopement affirmation is to help you remember that eloping is a chance to create memories with each other, and make sure they are ones that will last forever. It’s also a chance to show each other just how much you love each other by doing something out of the ordinary.

PNW Idaho Elopement

This is our year

This elopement affirmation is all about remembering that this year is about you and your partner. Take this time to celebrate and enjoy this season of your life. You get to slow down and be intentional with your time.

This year, take time to enjoy the little things with each other. Whether it’s a long walk together or just sitting quietly at home, take the time to talk about how much you love each other and how grateful you are for having found each other. It’s important to remember that you’re in this together. Use this time to show off what you appreciate about your partner and what makes your love story unique.

PNW Idaho Elopement

I am worthy of having our dream elopement

You are worthy of having your dream elopement. You are worthy of celebrating your love.

Just because you are choosing to go an untraditional route doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy.

You don’t need to feel like you’re less than, or that your love is less than, because you’re not following the traditional path. You deserve to have a beautiful wedding—regardless of what other people might say.

It’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all wedding template that applies to everyone, and it’s okay if yours looks different from what other people do! It doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is—what matters is that it you’re getting the elopement of you and your partners dreams!

PNW Idaho Elopement

It’s not selfish to have this intimate moment between just me and my partner

You’ve heard it before: “an elopement is selfish.”

This elopement affirmation is to remind you that choosing to elope is not selfish! It’s not selfish to have this intimate moment between just you and your partner.

There is no rule that says you have to have your friends and family at your wedding day. Oftentimes family means stress and you deserve to have stress free day! Big traditional weddings are more about the guest experience while eloping is keeping the day all about you, your partner and celebrating your love!

PNW Idaho Elopement

If you can dream it you can do it!

If you can dream it, you can do it! This is the slogan that has inspired and motivated millions of people to achieve their dreams. It’s also a great way to remind yourself that your elopement can be anything your heart desires.

The truth is: there are no rules when planning an elopement. So if you want to get married in a castle, or play croquet on your lawn, or have a picnic in the park—you can do it! And there’s nothing stopping you from making those things happen other than your own imagination and willingness to try something new.

So let this elopement affirmation be a reminder for you that there are no limits to what your elopement can be!

PNW Idaho Elopement

We at hopes this helps you on your elopement planning journey!

Elopement affirmations are a great way to help validate your feelings and manifest your intentions. Whenever someone gets you down and makes you feel judged for your decision use these to help you remember why you chose to elope in the first place! You can also share with them this blog 5 reasons why you should elope so that they can see things from your perspective. And if your looking for any elopement inspiration check out my instagram! Let these affirmations help remind you why you chose to have an elopement over a big traditional wedding!

June 7, 2023

Elopement Affirmations

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I literally have no words. Natalie is so amazing and talented, and not to mention how kind she is. She has outdone herself! My pregnancy has actually been pretty hard, so it actually brings me to tears to have such beautiful photos to remember it with. I am so so grateful for these beautiful keepsakes.

- Emma

Natalie and her husband are amazing! My hubby does not enjoy taking photos. Natalie was able to make us feel at ease and have fun with our session. She went above and beyond! I was expecting the typical sit here, pose this way, smile, click. NOPE! She asked us intimate questions about our lives. She played music that we love. She created an atmosphere and a mood that made our anniversary photos an experience. We are so thankful for the memories she helped us to create. Also her unique artistry in how she photographed us. I’m in love with the results. Thank you Natalie and Nate 💖

- Alisa

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